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We're here to serve men

LNDV originates from the least expected: two digital entrepreneurs who noticed that most men have their underwear bought by the women in their lives - mother, wife, girlfriend.

Giuseppe and Alessandro, taking significant risks, but fortunate enough to live in the best place in the world for developing a fashion product, between Milan and Lake Como, begin a fascinating two-years adventure that leads them to develop a true "Ferrari of Underwear."

“We are totally dedicated to a very specific mission: to create products that make men feel good!"

Giuseppe Benedetto
LNDV Founder

But the duo also brings strong personal experiences that have made them aware of the  increasing frustration effecting men. Separations, accusations of lost masculinity and continuous social pressures, make men more tired and insecure.

In this context, which man wouldn't appreciate having a small ally to make daily life more pleasant? This is exactly why LNDV exists.

“The LNDV male community is an ally for enjoying daily moments of well-being that no one can take away from you.”

Alessandro Mura
LNDV Founder

Now that the brand is used by celebrities and hundreds of loyal customers, Alessandro and Giuseppe remain obsessed with developing an ever-more comprehensive product line.

With them,  male skin well-being is in good hands.