From Underwear to Smartwear

We created an AI-powered, full-fledged underwear platform that supports men’s well-being all along the product lifecycle, while paying the utmost attention to the environment and to ethical labour practices.

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Why we care so much about underwear

Looking for quality men’s undies can be frustrating. We know you’ve experienced it many times–and we have too. Yet undies are the closest garment to our skin: nature and hygiene should be top of mind, and low-quality products may lead to health issues. So, we decided to create our underwear ourselves.


Amazing for you, friendly for the planet

In the LNDV smartwear, nature and technology combine to offer you products that are both amazingly comfortable, healthy, and environmentally friendly.


Discover what kind of active man you are and get an exclusive offer

Find out what type of active man you are with our quick survey and get a special loyalty price for your first purchase! Whether your priority is technology, health, sustainability or life’s pleasures, we’ve got you covered with our smartwear.