Our Story

How it all started

Hunting for designer clothing can be very exciting when you live in Milan. On a sunny Saturday afternoon, three forty-years-old men, with intense personal and professional experiences behind them, decided to go shopping for men’s underwear around the Quadrilatero, the city’s famous fashion district.

After window-shopping for hours, they realized none of the undies they’d seen, even top brands, offered all what they were looking for: real
craftsmanship, health features, sustainability and innovation.

Later that day, while revisiting the issue over their espressos in a cosy
downtown café, they came up with an idea: why don’t we create our
conscious, health-friendly, and stylish men’s underwear ourselves?

“The conscious, healthy, and hi-tech underwear we looked for didn’t exist. So we created it ourselves”

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A breakthrough in men’s underwear

It was a risky bet, but it was worth the effort. It took our three friends two years of thorough research to go from concept to prototype. They brought in all their expertise from the technology industry, while learning everything about natural materials, Italian artisan workshops, circular processes, and more. The result is a breakthrough product that is entirely designed and handcrafted in Italy, and that combines the most breathable organic, renewable fibres with an exclusive digital service that monitors your underwear and tells you when it’s time to replace it, helping you stay fresh and healthy 24/7. From underwear to smartwear.

“Our breakthrough product combines the most breathable organic, renewable fibres with an exclusive digital service”

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Where do we go from here?

Men’s underwear is only our first step.

We are totally committed to a well-defined mission: to ensure that every man feels healthy, confident and satisfied.

In a society where the figure of man has been greatly devalued, LNDV community is a little ally to make daily life more pleasant.

Keep following us, as we develop a real suite of tools for your physical and mental health.

“Men’s underwear is only our first step. Come back soon to find out what we’ve got in store for you”

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