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Helping you bring sustainable innovation into clothing

Businesses are increasingly looking for new, concrete ways to share their commitment to sustainability with their stakeholders. Whether you are a brand in the clothing industry searching for an innovative product to add to your range, or you’re looking for an original, posh sustainable gift for your customers, at LNDV we’ve got you covered. Our smartwear combines an exclusive wear-and-tear monitoring technology with top quality natural materials, excellence eco-design, and Made in Italy craftsmanship in unique underwear garments.

"Technology and sustainability join with style in our exclusive Made in Italy smartwear"


Why our smartwear is different

We push the boundaries of sustainability beyond the product –to its entire lifecycle. How we do that? We have developed an exclusive digital tool that builds on business intelligence and neural networks technology to “learn” the user’s habits. All the customer has to do is scan a code on the product through a user-friendly app: the system will tell them how their underwear is doing and when it’s time to replace it.

"Business intelligence and machine learning ensure top health and comfort"


Combining user experience with lifecycle sustainability

Combined with the high quality of natural materials that are born sustainable, and the accurate Italian craftsmanship, our technology helps customers always enjoy the product’s health and comfort features at its best in a highly satisfactory user experience. And it helps us ensure worn-out garments are handled in a sustainable way.

"We enhance technology to ensure sustainability all along the product lifecycle"


Your partner for sustainable and innovative smartwear

Thanks to our flexible and dynamic structure, at LNDV we are equipped to partner with businesses in different industries and help them capitalize the unique features of our smartwear in terms of sales, marketing, and sustainability strategy. From gift cards to private label customized productions, our team will be glad to share you all the information you need to make the most of this breakthrough innovation with us.

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