Introducing our end-to-end innovation platform for Consumable Fashion

We can build together the most sustainable underwear ever

LNDV builds unique and highly innovative underwear capsules by focusing on three key pillars:

1. Traceability
Our proprietary platform allows the "end-of-life" monitoring of every single item. It can be easily integrated with logistics, manufacturing, eCommerce and CRM.

2. Fabrics

We exclusively use premium and eco-sustainable materials. We can also ideate and develop unique, natural and future-proof blend fabrics.

3. Manufacturing

We have different solutions, all Made in Italy. We rely exclusively on artisanal production, specialized in handcrafted underwear.

"Whether you are a brand in the clothing industry looking to drastically innovate, or just to expand your products range, at LNDV we’ve got you covered"


From Underwear to Smartwear

In an endeavor to address a market void within the underwear industry, we have developed a cutting-edge product, designed to empower men in their self-care journey. Going beyond conventional products, LNDV Smartwear is a comprehensive 360-degree service that upholds the highest standards of quality and hygiene, providing a true virtual assistant for underwear management.

Our patent pending Digital Drawer™ technology enables users to efficiently curate their virtual wardrobe, providing a comprehensive overview of purchased items, their respective end-of-life dates, and current status (active, expiring, expired). Complementing the Digital Drawer™, our Customer Survey's feature generates a precise and personalized experience meticulously accounting for each user's unique lifestyle.

"Our technology offers a comprehensive 360-degree service, guaranteeing the utmost quality standards that set LNDV apart"


Sustainable materials that are healthier for people - and for the planet.

The innovation behind LNDV extends beyond technological advancements to encompass the meticulous selection of materials. Incorporating natural fibers, LNDV Smartwear delivers unparalleled comfort and freshness, while adhering to recyclable and pesticide-free materials that are 100% eco-friendly.

Moreover, as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we diligently ensure that our products undergo proper recycling at the end of their lifecycle, minimizing wastage and actively contributing to pollution reduction. Our approach to social responsibility permeates every stage of the production process, reflecting a profound dedication to environmental preservation and the well-being of our customers.

"LNDV Smartwear delivers unparalleled comfort and freshness, while adhering to recyclable and pesticide-free materials that are 100% eco-friendly"


The best of Made in Italy craftsmanship for an unparalleled quality

In stark contrast to the prevailing trend among most clothing brands, which prioritize cost-cutting and expedited production timelines, we have committed two years of meticulous research and development to create the perfect tailored underwear. LNDV Smartwear is entirely Made in Italy, crafted by the finest artisans with more than three decades of industry expertise. Their unparalleled skills and attention to detail enable to offer garments of the highest quality and finest workmanship, exemplifying the renowned Made in Italy tradition.

Finally, at the core LNDV philosophy lies a steadfast commitment to social responsibility. Throughout every stage of the production process, we prioritize the welfare of our production staff, always ensuring safe working conditions.

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