A subscription-based underwear like Netflix?

Today, more than ever, consumers are increasingly conscious of what they wear. Beautiful clothes, yes, but what's behind that? How are they produced?  These are just some of the questions that we should ask when purchasing fashion.

This philosophy is called sustainable fashion: the responsible use of resources in the production processes, respecting both people and the environment.

At LNDV - La Nuova Dolce Vita we made our mission to make men's underwear sustainable for real: low environmental impact and natural and skin-friendly fabrics.

Proud of a truly sustainable choice

Every garment has a history, a cost and, most importantly, an impact on people and the environment. As a company and as individuals we recognize our environmental debt: the true cost of producing clothing. 

Every gram of CO2  and every drop of water saved represents a concrete step towards the real sustainability of our daily choices.

All LNDV products are based exactly on this philosophy.

Why choose sustainable fashion

The fashion industry cannot ignore the abuse of natural raw materials such as water, soil, and plants. However, it is possible to produce clothing without compromising resources for the future generations, with a view to both environmental sustainability and social justice.

The concept of sustainability, therefore, brings with it numerous advantages.

First and foremost, a lower environmental impact. More than an advantage, it is a real responsibility: choosing sustainable garments means choosing products that do not damage the planet, made with respect for our ecosystem.

But Sustainable fashion also aims to create a system that promotes social responsibility and the ethical treatment of workers

In fact, a key element that is almost always hidden, concerns the working conditions of those people involved in the life cycle of a fashion product.

Finally, the development of sustainable fashion contributes to the creation of new processes and new technologies, generating new opportunities for economic and social growth.

Bamboo underwear: the new frontier of sustainability

Our boxers are completely made of organic bamboo, handcrafted in Italy by an ethical supply chain, which pays great attention to the environment and the well- being of modern man.

Using bamboo, we have been  able to find the best level of tension that guarantees a natural elasticity without tightening too much, perfectly adapting to the body of every man.

Why choose our underwear?

  • It is extremely soft;
  • It gives a prolonged freshness;
  • It is antibacterial and breathable

Simply put, once you try LNDV, you would never come back to your old boxers.

Bamboo is softer and more breathable than silk. It gives maximum comfort in every situation. Three times more absorbent than cotton, it gives the fabric unparalleled softness and freshness.

The antibacterial and breathable properties of bamboo allow you to stay dry and odorless, no matter what your skin.

Furthermore, all these characteristics are not lost in case of changes in temperature.

Last but not least, our bamboo underwear collection is the first in the world to adapt to any temperature: from the coldest and wet climates to the hottest and sultry ones.

Choose the only boxers that make you feel good 24 hours a day.

Sustainable fashion: details that make the difference

In a historical moment where too often quantity is preferred to quality, we have made a different and courageous choice.

Our goal is to offer sustainable clothes that are really able to enhance your well-being. That's why we decided to make details our strong point.

Our underwear have unique features:

  • Fabric that doesn't mark; 
  • Smart tag;
  • Minimal design;
  • Excellent feel;
  • Minimal seams.

Underwear like Netflix: here's how

Going to the store to buy underwear wastes a great deal of precious time, not to mention that it  cannot be tried on in the fitting room.

And the majority of men delegate underwear purchasing to their moms and

We at La Nuova Dolce Vita offer the automatic refresh of your drawer, with the best possible product.

In fact, by registering to the LNDV club you have the opportunity to access numerous advantages designed specifically for our members. One of them is the opportunity to buy a tris of boxers on a subscription.

So what's in the subscription?

By signing up, you have the option to automatically refresh your underwear drawer every 3 months, without worrying of running out ever again.

Buying comfort by subscription means making a sustainable choice for you and your health - including your mental health. All you have to do is relax and receive a tris of new, beautiful and premium boxers at your address . You can  cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

Furthermore, with our unique Climate Optimized feature, you will always receive the type of underwear that best suits the climate you're living in - Warm Weather or Cold Weather.

The subscription thus facilitates the periodic replacement of your underwear,
decreasing the probability of contracting diseases.

Through your virtual drawer you have the possibility to be notified once the life cycle of your product is over and thus activate the process of product return and recycling.

Smart Tag to always keep your underwear under control

Our concept of sustainability also includes the important step of recycling.

Thanks to the presence of a smart tag, you can get all the necessary information about the product and keep track of the life cycle of your boxers

Our Smart tag lets you know when it's time to change your underwear in order to maintain all its anti-bacterial and elasticity characteristics.

Once its life cycle is over, in fact, the virtual drawer will alert you when a specific item is ready to be replaced. We will then collect and recycle every single piece.

LNDV: simplicity and sustainability

We at LNDV - La Nuova Dolce Vita believe in a style made of minimal lines, harmonious colors, sustainable materials and unique details.

LNDV represents light-heartedness, the simplicity of beautiful things, enjoying life without worries, together with the luxury of a real 100% Italian product.

What makes us unique are our circular products made ethically with high performance fabrics, to offer men the best product experience for their skin.

Our brand was born on deep Italian cultural roots. LNDV - La Nuova Dolce Vita can be experienced on several levels: musical, visual and architectural. All levels reflect a feeling of calm while LNDV buyers enjoy total relaxation in any way they choose.

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Easy, smart, safe and sustainable.

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